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Order our Deluxe or Family Santa Letter Package or Alaska Cuddle Packages to include an ornament with your letter from North Pole, Alaska. Click to order and learn more.
Made in North Pole, Alaska

Ornaments From Alaska!

Eskimo girl handmade in Alaska from suede and fur and a painted leather face.
Eskimo Ornament

Ornament Choices Below:
Alaska Scene Ornaments
"Charming set of 4 ornaments"
Limited Quantities
New Christmas Ornament Set with 4 Alaskan scenes.
Alaska Log Cabin Ornament (Kits)
New Alaska Log Cabin Ornament Kit
Alaska Birch Ornaments
"Dog Musher, Baby's First Christmas & Many More"
Click photo to view
Alaska Birch Ornaments
Alaska Specialty Ornaments
"Handmade in Alaska"
Click photo to view
Alaska Specialty Ornaments - Eskimo Papoose shown
Alaska Theme Ornaments
"Alaskan Beer or Alaskan Xtra Tuf Boots"
Click photo to view
Alaskan Beer OrnamentXtra Tuf Alaskan Boots
Alaska Suede, Leather & Fur Ornaments
Click photo to view
Alaska Specialty Ornaments - Eskimo Boy 3"
Miscellaneous Alaska Ornaments
Click photo to view
Coming Soon
Add Additional Ornaments to Santa Letters:
  1. Choose your Santa Letter(s).
  2. Return to the Ornaments Page & choose additional ornaments.
  3. At check out, place note in "Message & Comments" box or send an e-mail advising you would like extra ornaments included with your Santa Letter.
  4. If more than one Santa Letter, advise which ornaments you would like included with each letter.
  5. Additional shipping charges may apply.
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