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Santa Letters
Made in North Pole, Alaska

Our Santa Letters are made in North Pole, Alaska! Permit #5203

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Permit #5203





Greetings from North Pole, Alaska...
New Orders Welcome for 2014. Click to view all Santa Letter Packages and Alaska Gifts!

Welcome to Our Home in North Pole, Alaska

Personalized Santa Letter Packages from North Pole, Alaska. Over 10  text choices available for children, adults, families and pets. Deluxe Santa Letter Package shown.Welcome to Santa's Letters and Gifts! We are a family-owned business located in NORTH POLE, ALASKA. Since 2002 we have specialized in sending high quality, personalized letters from Santa Claus and unique Alaskan Gifts to your loved ones.

When you order from our company you can rest assure that your loved ones will receive a beautiful letter from Santa that is uniquely Alaskan and of frameable quality.

Choose from an assortment of Santa Letter Packages with custom ornaments, books or Alaskan gifts, or browse through our collection of Alaskan Gifts.

Unique Alaska Gifts
These Gifts Ship Year Round
  • Unique Alaska gifts shp year round. Canister of yummy Polar Bear Smooch chocolates shown.
  • More unique gifts will be added this Fall!
  • Polar Bear Smooch Chocolates - They're back and ready to ship!
  • Birch Bark Jewelry
  • Husky and Moose Pillow Pets
  • North Pole Coffee Packages with cuddly Moose, Husky or Polar Bear
  • Robert Service Poetry
  • Visit our Alaska Gifts page to learn more or to purchase these gifts
  • Alaska gifts ship year round from North Pole, Alaska
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Features of Our Santa Letters

North Pole, Alaska Postmark
Because we live in North Pole, Alaska, your letters from Santa and Alaska gifts will always receive the North Pole, Alaska Postmark!

Exclusive Design
We created our own exclusive design for our Santa Letters and you won't find it anywhere else. Our traditional design is filled with illustrations and vintage graphics reminiscent of Christmas long ago.

Printed on High-Quality Paper
We print our Santa Letters on elegant, gold parchment paper or fine-quality white stationery, unlike other companies which typically use over-the-counter stationery.

Alaska Birch or Specialty Ornament
For believers who are extra good, Santa includes a carved wooden ornament made from Alaskan birch wood or our Alaska Specialty ornament. Ornaments are included with certain Santa Letter styles. Please see Santa's Letter Choices for more details and ornament choices.

Embossed Seal
Confirming to your little one or loved ones that their letter is truly an official letter from old St. Nick is easy because all of our letters include a rich, foil-embossed authentication seal proving their letter was written here in North Pole, Alaska.
Let us bring a smile to your child or loved ones today!
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