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Polar Bear Smooches
Chocolate Confections Made in Alaska
Packaged in 40 piece canister (23.3 oz)
New Polar Bear Smooch Chocolates from Alaska. One canister holds 40 candies.
Order Polar Bear Smooches
One Canister: $35.00 plus s/h (1 canister = 40 candies)
Polar Bear Smooches
Item #526-1
Two Canisters: $70.00 plus s/h (2 canisters = 80 candies)
Polar Bear Smooches
Item #526-2

Three Canisters: $105.00 plus s/h
(3 canisters = 120 candies)

Polar Bear Smooches
Item #526-3


Four Canisters: $140.00 plus s/h
(4 canisters = 160 candies)

Polar Bear Smooches
Item #526-4


Six Canisters: $210.00 plus s/h
(6 canisters = 240 candies)

Polar Bear Smooches
Item #526-6



Polar Bear Smooch chocolates are one of the most popular candies made in Alaska. This candy features two types of chocolate kissed by a peppermint center and crushed peppermint candies.

Extra Touch from Alaska!

Mini Northern Lights photo card from Alaska included with your order.All orders include our mini Northern Lights photo card (size 3" x 4") and orders ship from North Pole, Alaska!

Shipping/Handling Fee:
$15.00 for 1 or 2 canisters
$29.00 for 3 or 4 canisters
$42.00 for 6 canisters


Orders accepted year round, but due to extreme summer heat we do not recommend shipping May through September, and we don't ship orders to Florida. Note: Label is slightly different than label shown in photo.

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