We are closing after 20 years! COME TO OUR CLOSING SALE OCTOBER 3-10 | Check back for more information and be sure & visit our new sister website for custom artwork from Alaska at ♥ Pamela Sue Art & Designs ♥

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Pam will release a new, limited collection 2-4 times per year, including a Christmas collection. Currently, Pam is working on painted art tiles featuring the Northern Lights, Trees, Botanical designs and more. Pam is also working on print making and pattern designs like the cheerful example shown below. These new products will be available on Santa's Letters and Gifts website under the new collection, "Pamela Sue Designs and Art" in early November.

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We are looking forward to sending excitement and joy to you and your loved ones this year from North Pole, Alaska!


Bird and flower pattern design in pink and navy by Pamela Sue Designs - North Pole, Alaska