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"Hello, my Son and Daughter were ecstatic to receive their letters from Santa Claus. They loved the Snowflakes, Stickers and Christmas Ornaments, but most of all they loved their letters from Santa Claus. Thank you so much for these Wonderful Letters and Additional Goodies. Most of all Thank You for helping to keep the Magic of Santa Claus alive! Happy Holidays!"

Carl. S. of Nashua, New Hampshire
Editorial & Production Coordinator
Oxfam America

"I think I'm one of your biggest fans! I really love your Santa Letters! The kids were absolutely thrilled with their letters. Logan was so very impressed that Santa knew so much. I can honestly say that there is no place that you will receive such beautiful letters let alone the very personal touch that you put into your letters. Thank you Pam!!!"
Tracie K. of Etters, Pennsylvania
-Tracie has ordered from us for 9 seasons

We received the letter - it was awesome thanks so much (Santa). It
really made my little boy feel very special and it was very unique
looking. I'm very satisfied! Thanks again!
Melanie K. of Girard, Ohio

"Thank you again so much . The letter is a big hit with my two girls and the ornament is wonderful. Have a Great Christmas and New Year."
Dana C. of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"Of all the Santa letters we have received over the years, your product is the best one by far!! Thank you for your attention to the details that make this such a special gift for our daughter!!"
Donna S. of Scottsville, Virginia

"It's so cute, and I'm sure he will look just gorgeous in it - not to
mention unique."
Christine H. of Melbourne, Australia

-Christine ordered our hand loomed sweater and hat set with the Moose pattern for her new grandson

"My grandchildren liked their letters from Santa so much, we had them framed."
Deanne S. of Fairbanks, Alaska

"You've started our season with lots of excitement and joy. My boys were thrilled to receive their letters from Santa and my oldest son was so excited he took his Santa Letter to school
for "show n' tell."
Carol A. of Fayetteville, Georgia

"My children Nadzia and Jared loved the red tube with goodies. They were so excited as they searched through everything. I read the letters to them and they took each word so seriously as though Santa was actually talking to them. They ran right upstairs to take baths with the bath fizzies. We had the hot cocoa and ate the chocolates. They sleep with the stuffed animals and (have) hung the ornaments on our tree. They loved everything and so did I. Santa's Letters and Gifts was the best. Thanks again, Rose."
Rose K. of Middle Island, New York

-Rose bought our Santa Letter/Alaska Cuddle Package Combo
"My children were so excited when they opened their letters, I took photos and will send you a copy."
Julie N. of Berthoud, Colorado (click to see photos)

-Julie ordered from us for 7 seasons and now her children
are older

"The Santa Letter was a big hit with my granddaughter in Taos, New Mexico. She just could not believe it and paraded her letter around...it made a huge impact. Your letter from Santa is a wonderful product."
Lisa L. of Anchorage, Alaska

"I just loved the letters you sent my children, I have been telling all my friends about your letters!"
Tracy B. of Heber City, Utah

"It (Your letters) made Christmas last year not only for my children, but the rest of my family. We all enjoyed the look on their faces when they realized Santa had sent them a letter and goodies."
Renita R. of San Antonio, Texas

"Thank you so much, the Alaska Cuddle Pacs you sent to my two friends were a big hit. They loved them."
Jacquie R. of Fairbanks, Alaska

"My kids' faces lit up when they heard they had a parcel from Santa in the mail. They showed the letter to everyone who came by for Christmas eve. If there was any doubt that Santa existed it was erased by the personal letter. It put them over the top!"
Trudy H. of Two Rivers, Alaska

"My nieces and nephews in the Lower 48 (states) were so delighted when they received their Santa Letters! I hear they were giggling and full of excitement, adding to the wonderful holiday season. Thanks for the professional and personal touch!"
Bev D. of Fairbanks, Alaska
-This is Bev's 9th season sending our Santa Letters
"My Granddaughter really liked the Santa Letter/Alaska Cuddle Pac Combo."
Dr. Michelle S. of Basalt, Colorado

"I just wanted to call and tell you that my boys were very happy and they loved their letters from Santa. It was a great surprise! Pam was very helpful too."
Kris M. of Bayfield, Colorado

"Margo absolutely loved her gift! She thought it was so special; she showed everyone each gift in her package. Her parents thought the gift package was so professional and nice."
Vickie W. of Westminster, Colorado
-Vickie ordered our Santa Letter/Alaska Cuddle Package Combo for her five-year-old niece


Our Happiest Customers: KIDS
...Opening Their Letters From Santa

*Photos we received from one of our customers

Opening Santa's Letter Displaying Santa's letter
Getting ready to open Santa's letter. Big smiles after reading their personalized letter from Santa at the North Pole.